Mobile Resource Management

Mobile Resource Management

True mobile resource management is more than just providing data and statistics; it’s about continuously analysing all of the incoming data and making sense of it.

Our reliable cloud-based software platform captures all of your Mobile asset’s critical data points – from your Vehicles, drivers, routes, points-of-interest, trailers, containers, and cargo. It then follows a stringent analytical process, converting raw data into valuable information. What you end up with are actionable insights. This information, when acted upon, can substantially impact your bottom line to help you not only sustain your business, but profitably grow it.

We understand that every customer of ours is unique and treated as such. Our Solutions and Services is primarily to deliver precise information and to enhance the value of their business.


Whats New! IoT Solution for MRM

We’ve developed a platform that provides everything you need to generate data-driven insights from connected things or assets. With it you’ll be able to connect and monitor assets from virtually anywhere, for almost any industry – including transportation, logistics, insurance, healthcare, food and beverage, oil and gas, construction and mining, energy and utilities, retail, automotive and agriculture.

You’ll have the most suitable M2X cloud platform at your disposal which will enable you to manage and track your THINGS. This includes activation, cloud storage and app customisation.

The NanoTrack portable HUB and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) connect statuses from your business, home, vehicle, asset, cargo, sensitive goods, pharmaceuticals, and perishables with the cloud and from there to a web-application, smartphone and tablet. Capturing the status of almost any THING —humidity, temperature, altitude, location, noise-voice, light, movement — the solution then filters and analyses the data into actionable insights and alerts for any exceptional behaviour.