7 reasons we know why our customer chose us

  • Our Customers have chosen us for our in-depth knowledge of Telematics domain, Affordability of our solutions and most importantly our attitude towards Service and support.
  • Creator: VENOMS and its people think up, design, test, and develop all their Software applications from A to Z.
    Focus on our core business intelligence for Fleet Management: Providing accurate and real-time information on Fleet is our main strategy.
  • Complementarity of solutions: VENOMS proposes modules with complementary functions, but each business is free to use just one module on its own, according to its needs.
  • Business specific approach: As each business is unique, out solutions are packed with functions that can be parameterized by business sector. Open solutions that are interoperable with your existing business solutions and applications.
  • Experience: VENOMS has been integrating into its applications each technological development that has come about over the past ten years in order to get a jump on your mobility, scheduling, and management needs.
  • Functional upgrades: Frequent functional upgrades of VENOMS’s solutions that are done on line.
  • Partners: VENOMS partners with key technology providers and integrators to provide customers with the right and effective solution. Each one does what it does best for maximal added value.